I’ve been a competitive athlete since I was 14 years old – over 35 years now and I’m always looking for the next challenge. I’ve competed in track, volleyball and kickboxing. While rehabbing from an injury I had the great luck to find a group of trainers who mentored me and started me on the path to becoming the trainer I am today.

We subscribe to the ideals of Functional and Corrective Training which provides a template that works for your average weekend warrior as well as a pro athlete. Using this system has made me fitter today than when I was 25 and has allowed me to continue to get stronger and reach my fitness goals. It’s that kind of personal experience that I like to bring to my clients; I use the system, it works, and I want to share it with anyone I can. I have clients that range from 17 to 80 and each one gets a tailored individual plan that recognizes their history, fitness level and goals.

My background of 13 years of martial arts allows me to offer kickboxing instruction as well. This hybrid of cardio and strength conditioning offers another tool to ensure my clients get the best workout I can provide.


  • 2002 Bronze Medal Kuoshu Tournament
  • 2005 NSPA Certified
  • 2010 HKC
  • 2012 FMS
  • 2012 RKC
  • 2012 SFG