Functional Movement System (FMS) Screening

The FMS screening is a baseline assessment on functional movement. This is a free initial service to you as an introduction to our training methods and philosophy. The screening is required for all new clients coming into Kinetic Systems. The results of the screening will be shared with the client and we will discuss, based on our professional opinion, what needs to be addressed. If you have additional questions about FMS, do not hesitate to contact us.

One-on-One Personal Training

Our qualified trainers work with each client by individually tailoring an exercise program to help the client attain their goals.

Group Classes

Currently, Kinetic Systems offers 2 different Kettlebell classes: a morning Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning class and a Wednesday evening Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning class. Classes are for all levels of experience. Please give 24 hours notice when cancelling. For more information, please visit Kettlebells with Strength & Conditioning and Kettlebells under our Schedule’s page.

Physical Therapist

Brendan Glackin DPT, CSCS, CMTPT

Phone: (908) 328 -3074
Web URL: