I am most passionate about teaching people how to make a change to a healthier lifestyle. As someone who struggled with finding that balance, I know how rough and confusing the road can be. Together, we can make your journey that much smoother. Your dreams WILL become a reality!

My specialization is in manipulating diet and training techniques that work with your lifestyle, health needs & fitness goals, and in designing nutrition and exercise programs on an individual basis. My clients, range from middle school athletes to 80 and better. Each program is tailored for the client to help reach their goals in successfully losing body fat, gaining muscle, increasing strength, and correcting dysfunctional movement patterns, all while building self-confidence!

I have earned my Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science from Salisbury University, I’m a certified personal trainer with the National Strength Professionals Association, I’ve completed Precision Nutrition level 1 & level 2, and I’ve also completed The Functional Movement Screen Certification levels I & II. I am also a two time competitor in The National Physique Committee’s bikini division.

Depending on your schedule or location, I offer in-person training, as well as online. Both include progressive exercise and nutrition programming, cardio and supplement protocols.

I will be there to motivate and coach you through those dreaded plateaus, I will push you past your limits and make you stronger than you ever thought you could be. We will set goals together and reach them together. I will be there every step of the way!